150 Wooster

150 Wooster

40 ksf residential/retail completed in 2018

161 Luquer Street, New York

HVAC & Plumbing Services:

Designed an HVAC and plumbing installation in a single-family residence in Brooklyn to accommodate their private solar energy panels to run their domestic-size water heater.

Ryan Engineering in Park Slope and Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, NY

MEP Engineering Services:

Designed and upgraded of sprinklers, installation of backflow prevention devices, HVAC, plumbing, fire alarms, and electrical systems in gentrified buildings throughout numerous neighborhoods (including Park Slope and Bed-Stuyvesant) in Brooklyn.

Keeping up to date with NYC building codes is one of most important aspects of any upgrade or retrofit. With years of experience, Bill Ryan is sensitive to preserving the heritage of NYC, while ensuring the safety and compliance of electrical, plumbing and fire system designs and installation.

Ryan Engineers: Sherry-Netherland Hotel – 781 5th Ave., New York

Ryan Engineers – Residential 


Ryan Engineering Project: Electrical & Sprinkler System design


Engineering Services Provided: Ryan Engineers was responsible for the design of sprinkler and electrical systems for the penthouse of the Sherry-Netherland Hotel to the exacting requirements of a CFO of a major fashion design company.


Bill Ryan, takes on challenging engineering projects in New York and the 5 boroughs, often with challenges of time, the age of the building concerned and within stringent NYC and EPA guidelines.



768 5th Avenue- The Plaza Hotel

Design & Special Inspection Services:

A private pied a tierre in the world-famous Plaza Hotel in Manhattan.

Ryan Consulting Engineers designed replacement water source heat pumps to reduce noise levels, increase noise levels, and increase floor space. He also assisted with the design and installation of custom-made, hidden air-conditioning outlets.